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I'm an illustrator and graphic designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. I hold a degree in both graphic design and technical drawing in architecture. After working for several years as a graphic designer in small design agencies in Zurich, I started my own studio in 2019.

With minimal infrastructure I create custom-made illustrations and designs. High quality, skillful precision and attention to detail are the foundation of my work.


I illustrate in a variety of styles and do graphic design independently or in collaboration with my partners. I illustrate for packagings, magazines, books, brochures, museums, brandings, campaigns, websites and more. My clients are widely spread through sectors such as economy, gastronomy, culture, education, events, exhibitions or music industry. I enjoy working with small companies and individuals just as much as I do with larger corporations.

While my focus often is on illustration, I also participate in graphic design, signage or art direction projects. Having an architectural background, I'm interested in extending my portfolio with more interior design or signage projects.


Selected clients

20th Television, the Simpsons L.A.
Aroma Zurich

Atelier Nord Basel

Denkstatt sàrl Basel/Zurich

Galotti Musikwerkstatt Zurich
Greenpeace Schweiz Zurich
GRIP Agency Zurich
Leanza Mediaproduktion Zurich
Lehrmittelverlag Zürich
Kultur Lokal Rank
MAWY Basel


MONO Zurich
Mosterei Möhl Arbon

NZZ Geschichte Zurich

Ottiger Spezialitäten Ballwil
Raffinerie Zurich
schule&kultur/VSA Zurich
Sinfonieorchester Basel
Studio Neo Basel
Studio Way Zurich

Tenz Momo Zurich

Thiesen & Wolf Zurich
Transhelvetica Zurich

Velvet Creative Office Lucerne
Wirz Zurich
Zweifel Weine & Getränke Zurich

Selected partners

Alessio Rattazzi Motion Design, Graphic Design Advertising technology

Katrin von Niederhäusern Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration

Lauschsicht Film  & Photography

Leanza Mediaproduktion Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design

MAWY Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design

Nicole Gämperli Illustration

Nonda Coutsicos Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Photography

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